Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hey my dear , how r u ? 我最亲爱的,最近过得怎么样? :)

yea , i did not update for month , i think ...
I forget actually i got blogger .. so ps , now thn i come bck hr as quite busy on these few weeks.

i did have a lot of fun and happy on these days w families and my boyf .
haha , i like nv mentioned i got any boyf at hr before . so yea , i got boyf alr :)

okie , let's showed you whr i went and did on these few weeks .

 i am lazy typing , so yea , see the pics and try t imagine what i did .
will be update again after September holidays . Takecare :)


without make up looks so cui right ? 

next post , 

deardear 21st's birthday ! & holidays bck t KL .

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